The Newest and Most Portable Vaporizer

Today I want to let you guys know about two new palm-sized vaporizers that aren’t actually in the VaporBlunt “Palm” series:


Haze Vaporizer - All Colors

The first one is the Haze Vaporizer and this one is not affiliated with any existing company, at least that we can tell. Haze seems to have come out of nowhere, perhaps the result of someone taking the pulse of the vape industry and deciding to do their own thing. This thing looks really cool; it’s much sexier than the DaVinci or Sonic which both do the walkie-talkie sort of thing. Apparently it can do either wax or herbs. Has anyone tried this doo-dad? I’m curious about how well it actually vapes.

Indica Vaporizer

The other is the brand new Indica Vaporizer, the second in the slowly emerging class of stealthy “lookalike” vaporizers. But unlike the Puffit which resembles an asthma inhaler, the Indica is designed to mimic a Zippo lighter. While some of you are probably looking at this picture going, “how is it stealthy if you’re actively huffing a Zippo lighter? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?” Well…yeah. I’m asking the very same question. But I’ve tried it at a party and it actually produces pretty smooth, enjoyable vapor. Does anybody out there own one? What do you think about it?

Do either of these palm-sized vapes effectively compete with the Palm Vaporizer 2.0?

Glastonbury Festival

This festival in the middle of Somerset, England is one of the largest music festivals in the world and has seen such acts as Metallica, Radiohead, Johnny Cash, Muse, and David Bowie grace its Pyramid Stage. The festival began back in 1970 on September 19th, the day immediately following the death of Jimi Hendrix. Tickets cost a mere £1 and included free milk from the farm! The show featured a headlining performance by The Kinks.

Pyramid Stage Glastonbury Festival

Nowadays you can see such diverse talent as U2, Jay-Z, Arcade Fire, Dolly Parton, and Skrillex. The tickets have skyrocketed to £220 + a £5 booking fee. Portable vaporizers are a great choice for Glastonbury because the security really doesn’t bother people. They’re one of the most chill security details at any festival I’ve ever been to. You can choose to drive in every day and use day pass, or you can camp on-site. I’ve done both and while I had a great time at a local bed and breakfast in 2009, getting to actually camp at the festival in 2010 was truly an adventure. The Irish folk we met near our campsite were some of the friendliest metal head-hippies I’ve ever met. In fact I didn’t even know metal heads could be hippies til I experienced Glastonbury.

Running of the Bulls

Pamplona, Spain plays host to this notorious event each year in honor of the fourth full moon of the summer. The tradition of running alongside the bulls began in the early 14th Century as a way for farmers to speed a herd of cattle from the farm to the market for sale.

Running of the Bulls Pamplona

Running of Bulls, Goring of Basques

Over the years, the practice turned into a competition, with young men racing in front of the bulls and trying to make it to their pens without being overtaken. These events are now held to commemorate the fiesta of Saint Jermin, which is an eight-day festival honoring Saint Jermin, a Spanish priest who was beheaded on 25 September in the year 303 AD.

If you’re going to run we’d recommend leaving your handheld vaporizer with someone on the sidelines or in a balcony. There’s a lot of jostling going on between runners, so you really wouldn’t have much opportunity to take a satisfying hit; not to mention the 2-ton beasts barreling toward you with Adrian Peterson-style ferocity. Yes, I’m going to qualify this one and say that the Palm Vaporizer is best kept in the spectator sections.


This is the start of the Hindu New Year, also known as “the festival of lights” thanks to all the fireworks, candelabrum, and luminarium that adorn the streets of cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa. The festival is meant to symbolize the victory of light over the darkness, hope over despair, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.

Diwali Temple Fireworks

Fireworks on Diwali over Golden Temple of Amritsar (courtesy of

One of the traditions of Diwali is to fumigate, renovate, and decorate the home before Diwali night, which coincides with the new moon evening of the Hindu month Kartik. This typically occurs between mid-October and mid-November. On this evening Hindus dress up in their newest clothes and light up diyas inside and outside of the home, and say prayers (puja) to Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity. After prayers, the fireworks start, followed by a family feast featuring mithai, and a family gift exchange, similar to Christmas in Western cultures. As such, Diwali represents a lucrative shopping period for merchants in nations where Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism is widely practiced such as India, Trinidad and Tobago, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Fiji.

I have had the distinct pleasure of attending all three of these events and I really could not pick a favorite! Every step of the way I had the Palm 2.0 and believe me each experience was exhilarating and enchanting in their own way.

Indica Vaporizer

Indica Vaporizer

It is a wonderful day and age we live in and if you are a fan of vaporizers times have never been better.  It seems like new portable vaporizers are being released every day and new models are continually coming out.  The Indica is one of the newer portable vaporizers to be released and is excellent for vaporizing dry herbs.  It features a very large heating chamber that has above average capacity.  The Indica comes with a ton of great accessories as well, not only do you get a beautiful wooden storage case but you also get an insightful instruction manual that breaks down every single aspect of the portable vape.  With your online purchase of the Indica vaporizer you will also get the following:

  • Portable wall charger
  • Vaporizer charging kit
  • Extra vaporizer chamber door
  • 3x mini vape spacers
  • 2x vape picks
  • 4x vaporizer replacement screens
  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning kit

Another great vaporizer that was recently released is the Ascent vaporizer.  This unique portable vaporizer not only vaporizers dry herbs but it is also capable of vaporizing your cannabis concentrates.  The Ascent is also one of the customizable portables vapes of 2014, there are a variety of different models to choose from.  The Ascent is best suited for vaporists that put a premium on portability.  It fits easily in most pockets, purses and jackets.  It is lightweight and the glass draw stem retreats inside of the vaporizer so it wont be sticking out while it is in your pocket.  The Ascent vaporizer comes with a completely glass air path and that means you are going to get the most flavorful vapor imaginable.  The digital control system is easy enough to be used by almost anyone and allows you vape at your favorite temperature with ease.

If the Ascent is not the vaporizer you are looking for another powerful portable vape that continues to gain popularity is the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer.  The Pinnacle Pro comes equipped with multiple heat settings, a new and improved heating chambers.  The small and compact design allows users to travel from place to place with their vaporizer and medical marijuana without needing to worry about medicating.  If water filtration is a must for you the Pinnacle Pro makes even more sense, just make sure to go with the DLX because it comes with the Hydrotube.  The Hydrotube is a glass attachment that fits to the top of the Pinnacle Pro and really enhances the flavor the vapor while cooling it at the same time.


People have been questioning the viability of the vaporizer industry.  I recently received a letter from one of the editors over at the LA Weekly telling me that it was time to get out of the vaporizer niche and move on greener pastures.  I was shocked, what the writer failed to realize is that marijuana is only getting more and more popular.  As more states begin to pass legislation that allows patients access to their marijuana vaporizers will continue to be a large part of the medical community.  I received another letter a few days later arguing the other side:

Vaporizer are not going anywhere anytime soon.  They have proven to be very beneficial for people looking for an alternative to smoking.  I recently convinced a few of my friends to make the switch to vaping and they have thanks multiple times for it.  Me and business associates believe that vaporizers have only begun to gain widespread acceptance and that in the coming years sales of vaporizers will quadruple.  Not only is vaping marijuana healthier but it is also a whole lot of fun.  I recently purchased an Herbalizer vaporizer and could not believe how fast vaporizer technology is already developing.  Long gone are the days of low quality, poorly functioning vapes.

2014 is the year of the vaporizer and the Herbalizer shows why.  It is capable of heating up faster than a Porsche can do 0-60.  The heating element is powerful enough to illuminate and entire room (not that it does).  The balloon bags can satisfy hoards eager patients needing to get access to their medicine.  If you don’t like the balloon bag system you can switch to the whip system and draw directly from the hose.  This is a great way to vaporize if you are by yourself or just a couple other people.  You can relax sit back and vape at your own leisure, this is part of the reason why I think vaporizers are becoming more popular.  – Joey Logano

After getting back in touch with the write from the LA Weekly and trying to explain things more reasonably she seemed to come around but would completely admit that she was wrong.  I think it is funny that people are still doubting the lasting power of the vaporizer.  5 years ago no one even knew what a vaporizer was, now you have rapper like Snoop Dogg creating their own line of vapes.



Recently we have been flooded with email from people asking “What is a portable herbal vape?”, now that vaporizers are becoming more popular more people are starting to ask questions. There are some many different types of vaporizers that it can get confusing, especially when they all serve different purposes. A vaporizer like the Vaporite Ruby is designed for use cannabis concentrates also known as wax. A vaporizer like the Silver Surfer was designed for use with dry herbs that have been put through a grinder. Other vaporizers like the Pinnacle Pro or Ascent are capable of doing both. But if you break down the vaporizers I just listed you will notice something else, the Vaporite Ruby is a pen vaporizer, the Silver Surfer is a desktop vaporizer and the Ascent and Pinnacle Pro are portable vaporizers. So not only do they vape different materials but they are also in different classes.

Today we are going to focus just on portable herbal vaporizers. These type of vapes have grown in popularity at a tremendous pace thanks to the new laws that are allowing people to medicate more freely. Not only is the legalization of marijuana leading to an increase in vaporization but the health benefits associated with vaping are really starting to peak peoples interest.  Vaporizers like the VapirRise are great for people that medicate in the privacy of their home but some patients need the ability to vaporize outside of the house and portable herbal vapes have helped fill that void for millions of people.  Here are some of the most popular portable herbal vaporizers.

  • Ascent Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo Vaporizer
  • Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer
  • Magic Flight Launch Box
  • PUFFiT X
  • Indica Vaporizer
  • Iolite Wispr (Butane vaporizer)
  • VaporBlunt 2.0
  • Elevape Smart Vaporizer
  • Palm Vaporizer
  • Vapir NO2
  • DaVinci Vaporizer
  • Palm Vaporizer


There are lots of great places to vape your weed but some are definitely more fun than others. Today we are going to look at some of our favorite places get our vape on.

My go to spot that I vape at least once every week is the beach, it is one of the most relaxing and beautiful places to sit down and rejuvenate. I even go to the beach on rainy days because usually it is pretty empty and I get the whole place to myself. Listening to seagulls squawk and watching the fish jump up and down is an amazing way to spend a Sunday and get ready for the next week. Just be careful not to drop your vaporizer in the water and lose it, I have almost done that a few times. You also need to clean your vape thoroughly after because it is easy to get sand in the crevices and that can spell trouble if it is not addressed immediately.

An unusual place to vape that is a ton of fun is the Go-Kart track.  Just make sure there are no kids around make sure to drive responsibly.  Getting a few friends together and racing around the track is fun experience you will never forget.  You can also keep track of lap times if you are at a nicer track and bet your weed on who will get the best time.  Usually they have a smoking section you can vape in and they usually have a food court too so you can grab a hot dog in between races.  The Palm vaporizer is perfect for the track because you can just pop it back in your pocket and jump in the Go-Kart without having to worry about losing it or leaving it on the table and have it get stolen.

The bowling alley is another wonderful place to vape and have fun.  If you are having a slow week and want to mix things up just grind up some weed, charge your Palm and hit lanes.  I recommend trying a few different sizes of balls, some people like the smaller lighter balls but I usually prefer the larger heftier balls especially after I have been vaping.  A lot of bowling alleys have smoking sections but if they don’t you can just pop outside really fast to take some puffs from your Palm portable weed vaporizer.  As always it is important to remember to properly grind your weed before vaping.  It makes a huge difference and really enhance your vaporizer experience.


There are few different vaporizers that come close to the Palm in terms of portability and today we are going to talk about 5 of them.

Puffit X:  This is great portable weed vaporizer that is small and compact just like the Palm.  It is modeled after an inhaler which makes it great for vaping out in public spaces.  The new Puffit X also features an internal fan that makes it even easier to take huge rips, it also helps to vaporize the weed more evenly.  If you are big on portability and vaping discreetly than this is a great alternative to the Palm vaporizer.

MFLB:  Almost everyone by now has heard something about the Magic Flight Launch Box.  It is a trusty little wooden vaporizer that is very similar to the Palm in terms of operation.  You can get the MFLB in a variety of different colors and it also comes with one the best warranties out there.  Another great thing about the MFLB is that they offer a ton of different attachments like a water pipe or power adapter plug-in.

Indica:  One of the newer vaporizers to hit market and challenge the Palm vaporizer is the Indica.  Similar to the Puffit it is very discreet and was modeled to look like a Zippo lighter.  It has an extremely fast heat-up and delivers high quality vapor.  Although it is much more expensive than the Palm everyone that I have talked to seems to like it.  Another great thing about the Indica is that when it is just laying around no one will know that it is a weed vape because it just looks like a large lighter.

Elevape:  This is one of the coolest new vaporizer to come out in a long time.  It is by far the most expensive vaporizer out if the group but you get what you pay for.  It is automatically activated when you begin to draw and boasts a micro-processor that regulates the the air flow.  The high quality will last for years the warranty they offer will cover the Elevape for life.  If you are looking for a great vaporizer that was built here in the USA the Elevape is the vaporizer for you.  Just make sure you can afford it so you dont break the bank or experience the stick shock reported by other people that have reviewed it.

VaporBlunt:  A great reliable vaporizer that has been around the block a few times is the VaporBlunt.  They just released the new 2.0 model so if you are shopping around make sure you are getting the latest model.  It comes with a cleaning brush, oil chamber, glass mouthpiece, cleaning tool, bamboo stick, flavored mouthpiece, replacement mouthpiece, vaporizer charger, instruction manual and a stand to storage when you are not vaping.  I really like this vaporizer but still the Palm is better so if you are looking at both an on the fence I would recommend staying with the Palm.

Palm Vaporizer

What Makes a Great Portable Vape?

When you’re shopping for a portable vape, there are a couple of items to keep in mind: do you want a powerful vaporizer for use in the car or something you can take with you on your person? Lots of people enjoy portable vapes because of their simplicity. You don’t need to plug a big device into a wall and you don’t need to go to the hassle of waiting for a heating block to get to temperature. This is a multi-step process that can be a bit tiresome. Portable vaporizers alleviate these concerns by condensing the ceramic heating apparatus into a tiny area inside the housing chamber, typically made out of plastic on the leading models such as the Pax and the Palm Vaporizers.

Palm Vaporizer

Palm Vaporizers are available in 9 stylish colors

What makes the Palm the right choice?

The Palm vaporizer fits all of the main concerns for people looking to take an herbal vaporizer with them on the road or to a large public event such as a rock concert. We’re big music fans and we’ve found that a small personal vaporizer is an absolute necessity for any good voyage into the hordes on the dance floor. You’ll see some chick fumbling with a jar of loose herbs and rolling papers and you can rest easy knowing that you’ve pre-ground your herbs and packed them neatly into your portable vape. With the Palm, all you need to do is place 3-4 pinches into the mesh screen, close it and insert your pre-charged battery into the housing unit to start a current that will heat  your herbs without burning them, air diffusing neatly through the screen and the active ingredients will disperse as you inhale.

Instant Vapor

This whole process is virtually instantaneous. As opposed to other bulkier portable vapes such as the Arizer Solo, that runs off of large internal batteries and takes about 2 minutes to reach temperature, the Palm will be ready to hit immediately so you can get your vapor fix and get back to whatever you’re doing. In a concert or traffic situation, this is ideal as you can cup the vape as you draw, maybe pass it discreetly to a friend, and no one will be the wiser.

If you’re looking to buy a portable vape,  the Palm is one of the best portable vaporizers available. We recommend you buy from this trusted store where we got ours.

palm 2 vaporizer

Hey guys, we hope you’ve enjoyed our recent posts about the best ways to integrate television, beers and television into your vaporizing regimen. It’s really cool that vaporizers are taking off and we appreciate all the feedback we’ve gotten on our information. Today we’d like to go back to the basics for why we started this blog in the first place: to talk about the benefits of using the Palm Vaporizer, and answering questions about the best ways to use the Palm. In this article I’m going to go over some of the finer points of the Palm for the edification and enjoyment of our newer readers.

The Palm Vaporizer and its younger brother, the Palm 2.0 Vaporizer, both function quickly and efficiently with dry herbs. They are handheld, portable vaporizers that are ideal for vaping marijuana or any other dry aromatherapy material. Each Palm Vaporizer comes with a removable screen, which makes cleaning your vape as easy as can be. All you have to do to get started with your Palm is to grind up your weed, tobacco, or whatever plant you plan on vaporizing. Grinders are absolutely essential to thorough vaporization, especially with the Palm. A lot of the questions I get is “Why am I not getting big clouds of vapor?” and most frequently the answer to this question is “Make sure you are grinding up your leaves, nuggets, or blends thoroughly with a sharp, metallic grinder.” If you’re simply loading the flowers into the chamber, you’re not getting an efficient convection current for your blends because the airflow is only moving around the material, not through it. When you grind up the leaves finely, you can get more of the active ingredients to diffuse into a vapor.

herbal grinder

This is how you should grind your leaves for the Palm Vaporizer.

Whether you’re using the Original Palm or the Palm 2.0 Vaporizer, the best part about VaporBlunt vaporizers is how efficient they are when the material is ground up correctly. These personal vaporizers are discreet, compact and unlike many of the popular “pen style vaporizers” out there, the Palm will never burn your herbs because of the fine mesh screen that separates the heating element from the material itself. Equally as important as shredding up your blends to a fine powder, is the practice of cleaning your mouthpiece and screen regularly. You see after heavy use, the screen may get a little corroded with herbal residue. VaporBlunt makes it easy to clean and maintain your Palm by simply removing the screen using a tweezer or standard vape tool. You can clean out the residue by running hot water over it or soak the screen in a 90% isopropyl alcohol solution and let it dry completely before placing it back into the vaporizer unit.

Do these tips work for you? Do you have tips for the Palm Vaporizer of your own? Let us know!


Cinco de Vapo

May 5th, 2014 | Posted by Emily Peterson in Holiday - (0 Comments)
Cinco de Mayo Vaping

Cinco de Mayo Vaping

In memory of the Battle of Puebla we will list five fun things to do while vaping on Cinco de Mayo.  Please remember to play by rules and stay safe.

Pin the tail on the donkey!  This fun childrens game is fun for adults too.  You can tweak the rules a little by adding penalties and rewards for successful or unsuccessful pins.  Things like “take a puff” or “take a shot” can really liven things up.  You can also do “pick a vapor” and make someone take a hit from the Palm vaporizer every time they are successfully pinned.

Vaped Pinata!  This is another really fun game re-purposed for adults.  Before you put on the blindfold and spin around make sure to fire up the Palm and take a few hits from the vaporizer.  This will really add to the challenge and make things much more difficult.  You can also fill the pinata with shots, joints, blunts, weed, candy and condoms to making for a real scramble when the pinata is finally busted open.  Just make sure to stand back when the vaped parties are attempting to crack open pinata.

Chilli Pepper Guessing Game.  This is one of my favorites but make sure you are a fan of spicy foods before you start.  Get a bunch of different peppers from the market and create your own different salsas using one pepper per.  Then people will take turns dipping chips in the salsa and trying to guess which pepper you used in each of the different dips.  If you guess correctly you get to take a hit from the Palm vaporizer.  If you don’t guess correctly you have to load the Palm vaporizer for the next person that does guess correctly.  It is a great tasting game that anyone can play.

Peso Toss.  This game requires going and exchanging some US dollars for Mexican pesos.  You will also need to pick up five different sombreros.  You line the sombreros at different distances and turn them upside down.  Every time you correctly toss a peso into the hat you pick another player and make them take a hit from the Palm Vaporizer.  You can also with Tequila but since most of my friends (including myself) are not big drinking we play with weed instead.  Just make sure you bring your grinder because you will going through a lot of weed.

Mexican Dance Off.  This one is for the end of the night after everyone has had a few cervezas.  Form a dance line and pump the mariachi music, take turns doing your best Mexicans and clapping for who you think has the best dance.  At the end of the dance line have the Palm vaporizer set up and loaded with marijuana.  The person that gets the loudest applause will be rewarded with the vaporizer.  It is then their turn to crown the next winner and pass the vaporizer and the sombrero to the new winner.  This game can last for hours so be prepared and bring your dancing shoes.

If you have your favorite games to play on Cinco de Mayo please leave them in the comments below so I can add them to the list.