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U.S. Government Acknowledges Cancer-Killing Properties In Marijuana

People have been arguing about it for decades and as recently as July of this year the National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated on their website that in recent tests, marijuana has shown to have helped kill certain cancer cells. The debate on whether or not medicinal marijuana is beneficial to those suffering from cancer, aids & glaucoma has been going on since before California first passed prop 215 back in 1996 and each year after that medical marijuana activists have been pushing to get legitimate government funded tests to prove the medicinal properties of cannabis.

The tests funded by the National Health Institute have discovered that the extracts from the marijuana plant slowed the growth of cancer cells found in brain tumors and when these cannabis extracts were used in conjunction with radiation, the “cancer-killing” effects were increased. Although NIDA still states on their website states that cannabinoids have led to “serious health effects when abused” further in-depth study will eventually uncover the great benefits so many medical marijuana patients have been experiencing such as this man from the UK who in 2012 claimed that cannabis oil helped cure his liver cancer.

The National Cancer Institute now has on their website a list of facts on marijuana and how it can be beneficial for treating cancer as well as how it can help lessen the side-effects chemotherapy has on the body. They list on their website that cannabis can help aid the relief of pain, nausea and loss of appetite which are just a few of the many side-effects associated with CTX.

Getting a government agency to acknowledge the healing benefits and fund medical research of cannabis is not only a great victory for medical marijuana activists but is also a huge step towards nationwide legalization as well as FDA approved medical marijuana treatments. One could argue that the downfalls of the government getting involved in medical marijuana could supersede the benefits, but that’s a whole other discussion.

– Clint Beastwood Aug/28/2015

The Palm Vaporizer Video Review

We found this great review of the Palm 2.0 Vaporizer and wanted to share it with you guys. They did a really nice job of explaining the cool features of the Palm, showing the proper way to use it, and give some helpful tips and tricks. Check it out below:


There’s a lot to love about the Palm 2.0. If you’re all about being discreet, it doesn’t get more “on-the-low” than the Palm. This little guy fits in the palm of your hand, which means you can bring it and hit it anywhere without drawing any unwanted attention. Aside from being super portable, it’s also one of the easiest units to use of any portable vaporizer. There’s no temperature to adjust, no buttons to press and no heat-up time! Just pack your herbs into the chamber and insert the battery to activate the heating element.


If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a vaporizer, but have been apprehensive and don’t want to spend a fortune, the Palm 2.0 is a great choice. It’s great for beginners, because there is a very small learning curve. Some people are turned off by the technological aspect of vaporizers and view them as just another “gadget.” However, the Palm keeps it very simple and doesn’t use any sort of crazy, confusing technology. And considering it’s available


Even though its simplistic nature is appealing to beginners, the Palm is also a great option for seasoned vaporizer veterans who just want a small, discreet vape to roll around town with. It’s so small, you can literally bring it anywhere. Once you have the Palm in your hand, you really get a feel for its overall durability. It has more weight to it than you might think and doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap whatsoever.


Our favorite feature of the Palm 2.0 is the rechargeable/replaceable lithium-ion battery. To activate the heating chamber, all you have to do is insert the end of the battery into the unit. There’s no temperature to set and no waiting around for the vape to heat up. When you’re done with your session, just pop the batteries back on the charger so they’re ready to go for next time. The batteries lifespan isn’t phenomenal, so you’ll want to make sure you keep them charged so you’re not all dressed up with no place to go.

So whether you’re just getting into vaporizing, or have been doing it for years and just want something more discreet, you should seriously consider the Palm.

Get your Palm 2.0 today at the guaranteed lowest price from this trusted retailer.

The Best Music Festivals in The US

South by Southwest in Austin, TX

When: March 13-22
Where: Austin, TX

South by Southwest is one of the best festivals that covers raw talent and new talent. You watch bands are supposed to be the next Kings of Leon or the next Lana Del Rey. This is the festival that all future stars play at. There are also big names in attendance from time to time, but the main attraction of this festival is to uncover new bands and talent.

Austin, of course, as a city is known for its live music, great bar scene and all forms of art. The city of Austin has become in some ways, Texas’ heart of entertainment and culture. Definitely a great city to check out.

SXSW 2013 Music Festival - Day 4

Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida

When: March 27-29
Where: Miami, FL

This year’s lineup: Avicii, David Guetta, Skrillex, Kiesza, Tiësto, Eric Prydz, Steve Aoki, Krewella, Die Antwoord, Gorgon City.

This is the best EDM festival in all of North America. Plus, Miami is an awesome place to visit during spring. Although, originally the festival was a two-week affair, it has now been condensed to one great weekend.


Coachella in Indio, CA

When: April 10-12, April 17-19
Where: Indio, CA

This is one of the best festivals with some of the biggest names in the world music today and in history. A few years ago, Paul McCartney, The Cure performed on the same stage. These are just some of the acts that have performed in the past. Throughout the last few years, there has been more of an inclusion of hip-hop and EDM artitsts while still keeping strong with Rock music acts.


Beale Street in Memphis, TN

When: May 1-3
Where: Memphis, TN

2015 Lineup Highlights: The Avett Brothers, Ed Sheeran, Pixies, The Flaming Lips, Lenny Kravitz, Paramore, Hozier, John Fogerty, Five Finger Death Punch, Wilco, Cage the Elephant and Ryan Adams.

Beale consistently produces some of the best rock festivals in the country. The variety of acts and the big names are some of the great attractions. Memphis, TN has been known to be on f the most iconic rock music cities.


The Cannabist Explains And Explores the Stigma Behind Concentrates

Concentrates are the ‘Scotch Whisky’ of cannabis materials. This is how experts have described wax marijuana concentrates. While other people have described “dabbing” as something that is the crack cocaine of marijuana, this is a completely bogus and absurd statement. Before the introduction of vaporizers, many people would use different methods that resembled a lot of what smoking crack looks like.

Of course, these stigmas are still around even today with the use of vaporizers. Many of the issues today have to do with the way that these concentrates are produced and the regulations behind them. These concentrates have to be done in a way that it meets high standards and not everyone has the tools or the machines to invest thousands of dollars to produce concentrates that are high quality.

The Cannabist panel explains everything you need to know about concentrates rather well in this segment:

Canada Has Just Legalized Medical Marijuana Oils and Edibles

Yeah, Canada! Our neighbor to the north. Those Canadians, they know what they’re doing. Perhaps Canada as a nation has surpassed the United States in terms of progressiveness and more advanced social policies. This is a good example: Canada’s supreme court has just decided to rule in favor of cannabis oil and edibles, nationwide!!! Yes, here in the States, our federal government doesn’t want to come near a legislation of this sort.

Canada now joins the illustrious group of countries who have to an extent decriminalized or legalized the use of marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes. This list includes the likes of Jamaica, Uruguay, the Netherlands, Chile and Colombia. States within the United States who have legalized marijuana to some degree include Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska and medicinal in 25 other states. Half of the states in the US have made cannabis legal to some extent. Hopefully, it’ll be legal soon in all 50 states.

According to Leafly:

So what does this mean for Canadian medical marijuana patients? This means that, as an authorized patient, you have the right to possess cannabis in any form that suits your needs and you needn’t worry about trafficking or possession charges. While this is fantastic news for Canadian patients, Canadian Health Minister Rona Ambrose is quoted as being “outraged” by the Supreme Court’s decision. She also said she would fight against the “normalization” of cannabis, which is disappointing, to say the least.


A Look At The Most Compact Vaporizers Today

Puffit Vaporizer

This dual herbal and wax vaporizer is one of the most discreet and compact vaporizers in the market. The Puffit combines versatility and discreetness to bring you a decent vaping experience. More importantly the Puffit gives you a decent battery life as it is powered by a powerful 2200mah battery. The Puffit comes with a variety of useful and helpful accessories like a USB charger, a traditional wall charger, four different screens, a concentrates (wax) screen and a practical packing tool. Again, the Puffit is a vaporizer that will give you the type of discreetness and versatility that you rarely find in most compact vaporizers. The Puffit retails at around $99.99.


Palm Vaporizer

This is a well-made vaporizer that is also highly compact and discreet. The Palm vaporizer is very similar to the Magic Flight Launch Box in that it uses the same type of battery system. This vaporizer is vaporizes your herb in a simple and efficient way. Additionally, the Palm is almost just as compact as the Magic Flight Launch Box for a fraction of the price. The Palm vaporizer reatails at around $89, while the MFLB retails at around $119.


Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the most popular vaporizers in the market today. The convenience, ease of use and performance make the MFLB a great vaporizer. Another reason why the MFLB is so popular is that it is crafted out of some high quality materials. Most MFLB owners that we’ve come across talk about how this vaporizer doesn’t really break like most portable vaporizers today. If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that will last you a long time ,this is the vaporizer to go with. The MFLB retails at around $119.

Palm 2.0 vs Magic Flight Launch Box

Palm 2.0 vs Magic Flight Launch Box

Indica Vaporizer

The Indica vaporizer looks and feels a lot like a high end Zippo lighter. This is probably a good thing since this design is made specifically for a much more discreet vaporization. If you’re out and about, you don’t have to worry as much about pulling out your vaporizer and vaping away your herb. This vaporizer also happens to be one of the smallest in the market. You can pretty much put it in your pocket and take it everywhere with you. Other great features that the Indica offers is 5 different heat settings, which allows you to have better control over your vaping experience. Additionally. the Indica allows you to pack up a fair amount of herb. This vaporizer retails at around $199.95.

A Quick, Easy Edible Marijuana Recipe

The cannabis butter recipe is one of the easiest recipes to follow and make. To be quiet honest, we all want to make life easier on ourselves. That’s why the internet is a great place to search for easy edible marijuana recipes. Some of these recipes include brownies, cannabis butter, and other clever weed-infused dishes.

Recently, even coffee has been known to be infused with weed. It’s been dubbed the Vodka Redbull of the weed world as it gives you a high combined with a nice energy boost that caffeine gives you. We went online and looked at some of the best and easiest weed edible recipes to follow.

Some of the recipes are not only appealing because they’re easy to put together, but also because they’re tasty and clever. There are tons of recipes and tons of different ways to make the same thing. What you want to look out for is whether or not the ingredients are easy to attain and if you already have them in your kitchen.

Cannabis butter is great. Check it out:

How about some wings while watching the ball game?

Yeah, cookies!

Or how about some chocolate fudge?

What To Do With Weed That’s Been Vaporized

It’s one of those questions that many people ask themselves. Considering that most marijuana aficionados have throughout history have smoked and used up most of the THC in marijuana, this is a brand new scenario to consider for many vapers.

One of the easiest ways to make good use of vaporized marijuana is using it for edibles. That’s right. Marijuana that is brown and/or golden brown in color can be used towards edibles as it retains around 25% of its original THC content. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but 25% goes a long way.

When you’re re-using  your weed, you’re basically getting more bang for your buck. Not to mention the fact that by vaporizing it in the first place you’re already getting more out of your weed than you would with combustion.

Other ways to make use of your vaporized weed is to use to make hash oils. Although, we don’t recommend doing this unless you’re an expert at knowing exactly what ingredients to use and how to mix them using the right portions.

Again, if you’re going to try to make hash oil out of your golden brown weed ,we recommend going online and doing some research. Or talk to someone you know who has experience with oils. Otherwise, there are plenty of recipes for edible marijuana out there on the internet.


New Cloud Penz Chloris Vaporizer

As vaporizers continue to become more and more popular, the Palm is seeing new competition in the portable herbal market. There seems to be no shortage of discreet vaporizers popping up from manufacturers all across the country. While we love the Palm, there’s also some new kids on the block that we’ve had a chance to test out that we really like – one of those new units being the Chloris from Cloud Penz. It’s always great to have another tool in your arsenal, and the Chrlois may be the perfect companion to your Palm. Let’s take a look at what sets this vaporizer apart and makes it a must have.

Cloud Penz, who is largely known for their ellipse-style pen vaporizers, has recently taken a big step and produced its first true portable herbal vaporizer, the Chloris.

Featuring a LCD digital temperature control system which gives you the option to vape at any temperature between 350°- 430°F, there are few other units that offer the type of vapor control that this one does. Not only does the LCD display tell you the exact temperature the Chloris is running at, it also gives you a battery read out, so you’ll know precisely when it’s time to charge. As one of the smallest, most discreet portables on the market, Cloud Pen seems to have hit a home-run with this unit.


I was given the chance to test out this vape earlier this week, and to be honest, I have very little negative to say about it. First, it heats up super-fast, reaching 390°F in just over 30 seconds. Second, it’s so simple to use. This is a great vaporizer for beginners, as it’s probably one of the most user-friendly units I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Just load up your herbs, set your temperature, and start vaping – that’s it!

Because it’ small, the Chloris does getting pretty warm, so I highly recommend using the included mouth guards (three come with the unit). Other than that, I don’t really have anything bad to say about this vaporizer. This is a perfect vape for on-the-go use that will easily fit in your pocket, that also gives you advanced temperature control options.

It’s priced pretty competitively ($99.99) with other units in its class, such as the G-Pro, DigiToke, and Hylo Vaporizers. If you’re thinking about investing in a new portable herbal vaporizer, you can’t go wrong with the Chloris from Cloud Pen.



FYF Fest Announces Its Lineup For 2015!

One of the premier summer music festivals in the US, FYF has announced its 2015 edition lineup. Starting on Saturday, August 22 at The two-day music festival will feature the likes of Frank Ocean, Morrissey, D’Angelo, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Belle and Sebastian, Spiritualized, among many other great acts.

FYF Fest 2013 from FYF FEST on Vimeo.

The event is a great example of one of the few urban musical festivals of this sort. The event takes place every year in downtown Los Angeles at the LA Arena and Exposition Park. In previous editions, FYF Fest has seen performances by the likes of Phoenix, Interpol, Julian Casablancas, The Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, My Bloody Valentine, MGMT, Refused, M83 and Beirut.

FYF Fest began back in 2004. As the event grew in size and popularity, Goldenvoice became the producer of the event. In the past, the event has been held in Echo Park and the Los Angeles State Historic Park in Chinatown.

This is the full site of performer (in alphabetical order):

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